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Are you struggling with getting website traffic from Pinterest?



My name is Greta and I am a Pinterest Marketing Specialist

I help small business owners and e-commerce store owners with gaining more website traffic and leads with Pinterest Marketing. 

I understand the importance of beautiful Pinterest Graphic Design, Pinterest SEO, and how it can transform your Pinterest Marketing Performance and Results. 

If you want to gain more website traffic with Pinterest, I can help!

What you can achieve with Pinterest Marketing?

Brand Awareness

Help your ideal prospect discover different sides of your brand and business.

Connecting with the Target Audience

Connect with your ideal prospect by sharing high-quality, eye-catching, valueable content that conncects.

Pinterest Marketing To Improve The Performance of your Blog Content Marketing

Does your brand or business have a blog that is not performing that well?
Well, Pinterest Marketing can help.
Share valueable blog content and watch your website traffic grow.

Website Traffic

Drive website traffic with Pinterest Marketing by sharing different types of content that connect with your ideal prospect and audience.

Sharing The Right Content

Without sharing beneficial, valueable cotent, your Pinterest Marketing effort is of no use.
Share the right content for your audience and get the maximum benefits of Pinterest Marketing efforts.

Sales + New Leads

With more traffic, comes more sales and leads.

About The Marketmatics

My work is devoted to sharing insightful, helpful tips, tricks, hacks, and tactics that will help you gain more website traffic and leads. 

How did I start working as a Pinterest Marketing Strategist?

My journey with Pinterest Marketing began around 2015. where I just shared pictures from my Tumblr blog. However, quickly I learned the power that Pinterest withholds. And I was hooked. 

While working on my own Pinterest Marketing, I realized that this Pinterest Marketing skill that I have developed can be beneficial to others too. 

My main goal and mission with The Marketmatics is to help business owners bring more traffic to their websites and businesses with beautiful, eye – catching graphics and smart use of Pinterest SEO! 

Pinterest Marketing is one big puzzle, and I am here to solve it with you!


How To Write Pinterest Pin Descriptions That Sell?

A good Pinterest Marketing Strategy cannot be completed without an incredible Pinterest Pin Description. 

Find out how you can elevate your Pinterest Pin Descriptions and take your Pinterest to the next level. Read now!